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Underground Utilities

Communication, Fiber Optics, Power, Gas & Water.

Trenchless Excavation Methods

Horizontal Directional Drilling.
Pneumatic Boring.


All types of flat work. Basement & Garage floors, Patios, Driveways, R.V. Pads.
Decorative such as: Stamp / Colored.


Spread & level topsoil / mulch, grubbing / clearing property.


Original excavation methods such as Trenching, Digging Pits & Removal of Debris.

Mission Statement

5M Contracting is a company that stands firm in quality and tradition which is backed with over 25 years of combined experience in all forms of construction to include underground utilities, excavation and concrete. We also stand firm in our core values which we believe in being honest, trustworthy, and ethical in all we do. We are family rooted company which values each and every employee as a member of our 5M Contracting family.

Recent Projects

Underground Utilities

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Concrete Sandbox

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We use the best

Our equipment is top-notch quality. Primarily using Bobcat and Ditch Witch, we have heavy equipment for any project.
  • Skid Steer

    Skid Steer loaders are four wheel vehicles that are capable of zero-radius turning, which makes them extremely maneuverable. Because of this, they are useful for jobs that require a compact, agile loader. Unlike conventional front loaders, the lift arms of a Skid Steer are alongside the driver. They are more effective for digging in a smaller area.
  • Dump Trailer

    Dump trailers make unloading heavy hauls much easier. They use hydraulics to lift the trailer bed from its frame, cutting out a lot of strenuous manual labor. Our dump trailers are safe and make it easier to transport equipment, debris, or any other material you may need hauled and dumped.
  • Water Wagon

    Water Wagon trailers are you solution for transporting large amounts of water to your project. Our water wagon makes getting water where you need it easy and efficient.
    Save money and time by using our equipment today.


  • These guys are doing work in my neighborhood and I assume it was my HOA that hired. Unfortunately they got caught in my crossfire due to lack of sleep... Here's the back story:
    They were working hard all day yesterday I outside my house. I work nights and it's so so hard to sleep through all the noise of construction. 4 scattered hours of sleep and a 13 hour night shift later, I get home only to find them working literally in my front yard. It's loud, there's this generator clunking away, some of the machinery travels under the sidewalk and is shaking the ground. I talked to a few very nice employees and asked for the number for the manager. I called Pablo and he very kindly came up with a solution, and once he knew where to come, headed right over and had the guys move to a different area. Mind you, I was exhausted and frustrated, and could have been a whole lot nicer to them. But even after that Pablo still coordinated for his guys to move down the road for the day. I'm sure they weren't happy about it. I get they have a job to do, but I also need sleep for my job. Anyway thank you to Pablo and crew for working around my schedule and you all being so professional.
    - L. P.

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